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Admit it or not, once we have gotten some cash from our hardwork, we wanted to spend it into something that satisfies our wants. Yes, wants. Even though we don’t need those things, the thought of working hard to have money always makes us want to savor the privillege that it brings.

Just like now, I have a few dollars in my Paypal and I just can’t seem to decide on how to spend it. Considering that it amounts to about 600 pesos only, I still want to enjoy the fruit of my hardwork and so I searched for online shops in Tumblr –because my money is still in Paypal and I don’t have the means to withdraw it yet– and saw a couple of intersting sites that offer the products that I am actually looking for. Accessories, notebooks, bags, costumized thingies and this Super Junior bracelet here. Ugh!

BUT as I was about to choose and fill up the order forms, an invisible force keeps me from doing so. I guess I am not that ready just to spend and spend the money that I saved for I am just starting and there’s still a part of me that gives importance to needs rather than the wants.

Well, maybe if I am earning big already, I’ll be able to buy the stuff that I want. Like my blogger friends out there who seem to own all the cute stuff in the world. They are my inspiration actually.

I’ll just work even harder! 🙂

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