Cosplay Diary

“Next time you see me, I am Nico Robin!”

It’s been a couple of months and I am still overwhelmed by cosplaying. I mean, I still look at the pictures when I first cosplayed and I still have imaginations on how I should have posed or acted and whatever. I’m still getting the hang of it to be exact. It’s like the positive counterpart of a heartbreak. Once you felt it, it’s hard to forget and you keep on remembering it every time. Maybe because I experienced both for the first time. Well, good thing that the heartbreak happened first.

such pretty girls :3

Anyways, as I was saying, I still look at the events’ photos and was fortunate enough to be Facebook friends with some of the cosplayers that I met there and seeing photos of me in their albums make my heart jump in ecstasy. I really do belong. The feeling will never fade. I love cosplaying so much!

Using my stalking skills, I discovered that almost all of my Facebook cosplayer friends are already “big time” cosplayers. Some of them have cosplayed so many characters already and I get more inspired by seeing what they have achieved.

There are so many characters that I want to cosplay. My cosplayer friends call it “cosplan”. And so I’m using that term too, part of my cosplan are Nico Robin of One Piece Strong World, Shiina of Angel Beats and Tainaka Ritsu of K-On! I want to cosplay Saeko Busujima but I’m having second thoughts because of the character. Anyways, I have been searching for online shops that offer cheap costumes but unfortunately, my dollars still can’t afford even the lowest price that I saw.

cosplansss hehe

I’m obsessed with wigs now as well! Hehe. I guess this is just one of the perks of being a cosplayer. I love the feeling of studying hard to be able to graduate, have a decent job and eventually cosplay as long as I want. Yes, cosplaying is my inspiration now. 🙂


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