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New not broken

When I was in highschool, my father bought me a guitar not only because I wanted to but also because he did as well. He always says that he’s a frustrated musician and that he wants us, his children, to experience the thing that he only dreamt of when he was a child. I was so happy when I got my guitar. I was 2nd year highschool then and an amazingly talented new classmate inspired me to learn playing the guitar or more like I envied her. Well, I guess it turned out good anyway because I became eager to learn and we became close because of that.

And now, that I am in college, my guitar has gone through a lot of things as me. I used it in different school performances both in highschool and college and stayed with me during boring days.

But it’s just now that I finally had its strings replaced. I don’t know. But I am still thankful because my father still supported me and bought the new strings for my guitar while Carmela, another highschool friend did the replacement. I was so happy for my guitar because playing it feels very refreshing and I just want to use it often now unlike before when its strings were rusty and all. I guess we just can’t really play on old but yet unbroken strings.

From now on, I pledge to make song covers and upload them on YouTube so that my guitar will have a new experience again and be exposed on the whole world. Yay!

But I haven’t got a name for her yet. You might want to suggest any?

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