New Addiction

There’s no better way to start a new month than with a new addiction. Oh yes! You read it right; I’m opening this month of October by sharing my new vice and that is savoring this “tiny, tangy, crunchy candy” also known as Wonka Nerds.

I arranged the candies according to flavor and placed them on separate empty TicTac containers.

 The first time I tasted it was during highschool when a friend generously offered a grape flavored Wonka Nerds to me. As a kid, I was easily drawn by the fact that this candy is very expensive so eventhough I liked it, I never intended to buy one until this day came when my little sister requested a Wonka Nerds from our mom who just received dad’s salary. And Wonka and me met again.

That’s our very touching story.

Holla! Meet Big Grape Nerd.

Big Grape Nerd is big!
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