NDRP #4: Talk To God More Often

Pardon me but this was put on the wrong day. 🙂 Talking to God should be the very first thing that we need to do whenever we want to have a better way of living.

Need I explain it further? 🙂

There are times when we feel like we are being left behind and nobody wants to be with us so we curse everybody and fill our hearts with hatred. Which is the least thing the Lord wants us to do. So whenever we undergo certain trials in our lives and we feel like the world is against us, keep in mind that somebody gets more lonely every time we allege that we are alone and that somebody is God our Lord.

The only thing that I want to point out here is that we cannot stop the trials from coming our way but we can use our best shield to overcome them. Don’t just be that lowlife coward pessimistic fella that you used to be. Accept it. You cannot make everybody love you but every single person who stayed and proved that you are worth loving is more than a million fake friends who promised to help you at times of troubles. And if worst comes to worst that you really felt that you are facing your challenges alone, remember that the fact that you are still alive and facing those challenges mean that the Lord is fighting with you. Just hold on to Him not only to your own strengths besides, He only gave those to you.


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