NDRP #2: Treat Yourself Well

That’s the #2 New Day’s Resolution for me.

Because there are times when we see somebody who looks better than us, we tend to get envious about them and admit it or not, we wish we could be them.

Those skinny girls, the vintage dresses they wear, the fashionable accessories on their body, we want those too. Right? But in reality, not all people can get what they want to have so the best way is to enjoy what you already possess and make the best out of it.

You may not be that skinny or rich but you are you. And there are people who still love you just the way you are so why ask to be somebody else?

Treat yourself well and you’ll see the greatest result you’ll ever see in yourself. Love your body. Strut you stuff. As Tyra Banks says, different models have their own archetypes they just have to determine their own archetype and work it and own it. Same goes with us simple girls, we just have to know our own self and treat it well so as it can receive the appropriate treatment it deserves. 🙂

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One thought on “NDRP #2: Treat Yourself Well

  1. Some people should really know how to love themselves. Yung iba kasi, masyadong insecure sa ibang tao. Everyone’s beautiful naman eh. I totally agree with your post.

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