My Little Mcdo Coupons

I have a bunch of discount coupons from McDonald’s, most of them from a recently opened Mcdo branch just a ride away from our home. From “Free Juice Up” to 20 pesos off on my BigMac for buying McFloat. And I haven’t used any of those yet. I used to always plan on using it but whenever I am about to, it’s either somebody’s offering to foot the bill or I am just not in the mood to buy the discounted item. So, it resulted to the coupons being stuck in my wallet hoping to be used in some other time. By the way, the promo ends on the 31st of May so yeah, I should at least use the reward that I have been given. Free is free, discount is discount. Whew!

So much for a non-sense post. Ugh!

‘Till next time. Just sharing. 🙂

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