My Japanese Name

My friends, Donna and Clarence again, love anime so much that they joined this online group for Otaku or anime lovers. Since I am into anime nowadays, I decided to join so I asked Donna to refer me and she did. She gave me a link to the registration site and there I filled up a form to register. I was just shock — which is not a very appropriate reaction towards the community site — to see a field requiring me to put a Japanese name. I panicked because we just used to joke about my Japanese name and it doesn’t sound that funny so I hurriedly consulted Donna for any recommendations but as expected, she gave me the one we used to laugh with because I am the only one who isn’t using a Japanese name as an alias.

Link by link I clicked on Google’s result regarding “japanese name tranlator” and unfortunately, I never saw a decent one. So I tried typing “What is my Japanese name?” and a bunch of results came out and I carefully chose one that uses your personality as a basis for your name and I find the result quite interesting.

I already typed “kenjii” on the form but Donna butted in and proposed “Chizuru” who happen to be my favorite character in Kimi Ni Todoke so without thinking twice, I bid Kenjii good-bye. Chizuru sounded cute and she’s the crush of my crush in Kimi Ni so why not? Haha!

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