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My future phone?

Fail is what Nokia 101 to me. I think Nokia is not that great yet when it comes to dual sim phones and I deeply regret buying that Nokia 101. That is why I am very eager to have a new phone now that I have saved a few hundreds on my Paypal, all I need to do is to make it tangible. So since my money is still on the virtual world, I have time to look for a phone fit for my needs and most definitely for my budget. Below is the list of phones that caught my attention while browsing the net or simply seeing other people use it. I might need your opinions about them or maybe recommend some phones you  think is better.

1. Samsung Chat 335

I like this one simply because it’s pink! Haha. I also saw VJ Chino (MYX) promoting it. I am not sure but I think some version of this is dual sim? Anyway, I am afraid to buy dual sim phones already since I had this bad experience from Nokia. But I searched for reviews for this phone and sadly, most of the comments were negative. That the keypad is fragile and the letters fade, the WiFi is not working well and so on. I don’t know if I should still try this one because it’s cheap enough.

2. Nokia Asha 302

A friend of mine owns one like this so I have tried this already, I can say that as expected from Nokia, it is very user friendly and it is not dual sim. 🙂 I would still prefer Nokia though but not on dual sim phones, I really insist that. The features are okay but the font is too big I think? Anyways, a phone the same as my friend’s is still the last option. 🙂

3. Nokia Asha 203

Another single sim Nokia phone. Bea recommended this to me and judging by some reviews and friends’ stories, I can say that this is already okay for me. It costs about 4k only which is within my budget range and it’s very handy and not that elegant-looking type so I am quite safe for snatchers. Haha! The last thing I need is to at least try this maybe at some cellphone store at the mall. 🙂

4. Cherry Mobile Comet

Because I suddenly want to own a small and simple phone. I saw this one on a mall near our home and got curious about what it can do judging by its size. I think it’s the smallest phone by Cherry Mobile and it comes in color pink also! 🙂 Some sites say that it has an mp3 player and bluetooth. Not bad. But still, I have to try one first.

So yeah, that’s all for now. I  really want Nokia but their phones are very expensive compared to other brands and I am afraid to try on other brands because Nokia is tried and tested and I am using my own money to buy the phone so it should be worth my hardwork. Haha!

Anyways, all I want for a phone is a decent camera which I can use to capture random things that I want to put in my blog and probably a WiFi ready one? (if that is what it’s called haha) My budget is 4-5k only. 😀


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2 thoughts on “My future phone?

  1. good list! 🙂 but i prefer samsung more than any mobile brands.. i even prefer it more than apple 🙁 i once had an iphone but when i had samsung note, it made me realize that android is really more modernized than itunes store.. i dunno.. but good luck girl! hope u buy new phone soon! 🙂 jiayou! 😀

    hope you have blast this June! xoxo

  2. I don’t have a dream phone or whatsoever, since I’m not that fond of texting, I tweet more. When it comes to phones, the first thing I consider is the price then the camera. Hihihi. Coz I like taking photographs of different stuff.

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