My 2017’s first 31 days

I couldn’t believe January passed by just like that. And February felt rushing into something as well now. Next thing we know, we’re putting up Christmas decorations once again. But for now, I want to savor the fresh feeling of a new beginning. How I wish, I have the power to control time — to slow it down when I want to or to make it run fast when I needed to also.

2016 has been full of lessons and blessings to me. And while most people hated that year, I was thankful that I get to live through it albeit the struggles and all. That made me be more positive entering 2017. I am slowly learning to let go of what slows my progress down. I learned that in order to grow, we must be willing to accept what can be and what must not.

Fortunately, my few friends remained and a few more were added this year. I look forward to more gigs with my guitar center warwick fanatic friend, my cosplay group, my workmates and am looking forward to travel more this year. Hopeful I can give the same enjoyment to my family as well.

To sum up my first 31 days of 2017, the feeling of gratutude tops all other feelings. During those first 31 days, I already faced life-changing decision-making moments and I am thankful that I am surrounded by people who loves me enough to tell me their true sentiments to help me make up my mind. All the more, I am thankful that God gave me those people to always make me feel supported and who also remind me that the best advice still comes from Above.

Would love to know about your first 31 days of 2017 also. I wish you could comment them down below or if you’ve posted it on your blogs, can I see the links so I can read it too?

1 month down, 11 more to go. Spread positivity this 2017! <3

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