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Movie Review: Uchiage hanabi, shita kara miru ka? Yoko kara miru ka?

English title: Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?

I would like to believe that at least some would agree that this movie gave Bakemonogatari vibes. And Google search images lead me to be believe that we are not few. Watching Nazuna (female lead) all with her dark purple hair and indifferent facial expression is as if I am watching Senjougahara, only tamer.

If one is a fan of Bakemonogatari, it can’t be helped but see the anime within the characters’ eye expression, reactions, movements and on some sceneries of this movie. Being a fan myself, I wasn’t sure if it is a plus since I can’t help but compare to the point that I was predicting each character’s actions based on their counterpart in Bakemonogatari which the resemblance lead me to assume. Thankfully though, most of my assumptions were wrong so the element of surprise is still there.

However, the animation is not everything that makes this movie. While it highly resembles the said anime series, the story is far different. Hence, I’m going to stop mentioning Bakemonogatari at this part. You’re welcome.

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P.S. to this animation part though, I loved how they (creators) took the uncommon path when it comes to height difference. Compared to other anime where the guy is taller than or of the same height as the girl, here, Norimichi (male lead) is a bit shorter than Nazuna which I find cute.

Now to the storyline.

The story starts in a dreamlike underwater-ish scene. Same like Kimi no Nawa’s kuchikamizake moment where Taki and Mitsuha switched places again after a long time. Enticing and wonderful if I may say. It will then revolve around the life of normal highschoolers and their not-so normal encounters.

The flow becomes a little boring at some parts especially because it involves abstract scenes wherein viewers will be left imagining whether the scene is reality or something else. That wondering part is what makes the story more interesting though. Along with the mystery as to how the characters find out whether fireworks are round or flat and where should it be best viewed and the adventures they face along the way.

A story of taking chances, Fireworks is not the typical slice of life movie. In my case, it required concentration and deeper comprehension of some scenes even long after they’ve been shown. Or maybe I was just that shallow? Nevertheless, it is worth a watch and the realization of what the movie really wants to say is worth writing a review on the spot. ^_^

There are not so many songs in this movie when I wished there was but the ending song is nice.

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