Most favorite dish

Most birthday parties aren’t complete without spaghetti, pansit, cake and ice cream. Call it unusual but mine will be okay when my most favorite dish is present. Yes, even without the cake and ice cream! Just put bopis on the table and my day is complete. It’s not my birthday yet, I just remembered how I always request for bopis whenever they’ll ask me on what do I want to eat on my birthday. Bopis, always.

Yesterday, I was awakened by a very familiar smell coming from the kitchen and I knew, the moment I stepped near the dining table that my day is going to be very awesome because of our viand. I don’t know why my mom cooked bopis on an ordinary day but there’s no point asking so I hurriedly sat down and savored y favorite dish.

Aside from the usual adobo and sinigang, I believe bopis is one of the Filipino dishes that also deserves an equal amount of appreciation. Haha! If you want to learn how to cook bopis, watch this video:


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