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Me As An Owl City U Student

Ako unang nag-post sa Phils. House sa OCU.

I follow him everywhere and since I am in the Philippines, my everywhere is limited to social networking sites only. That’s why I’m truly greatful they came. Twitter, Facebook, what else? Tell me, please.
Anyway, answering my own question,
Simple lang. 😉
Owl City has Adam Young. The man whose optimism is so limitless he wishes an avalanche to crash over him –if it’s of fruits, especially strawberry. He who loves fireflies and flaunts it. The man with the talent to capture us with his words, his lyrics, his melody, his songs. The Adam who writes about life so differently you dearly wish you were in his shoe. I know there’s still a lot of reasons so I leave the rest up to you. Let’s make Our Dean proud.
Go Philippines! Go Owl City.

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