I am happy that you’re happy

In our life, there’s always this one person who never fails to put a smile on our faces. That someone who even though suffers his/her own problems, still finds time to cheer you up and give you a pat on the back as if saying, “You’re too beautiful to frown.” Somebody whose smile is so contagious you’ll catch yourself smiling just by seeing them. We call them our friends.

Returning the favor comes in different forms, as for me, I lack the material resources that’s why whenever I get the chance to give something to my very dear best friend, I make sure she’ll be happy. And so came one of the most special day for me and my bestfriend. I tried my hardest to save some cash and eventually ended up with a backpack bag which she had been eyeing on since the day we saw it at the mall.

It’s hard to make surprises when you’re always with the one you’re going to surprise so even before the day came, I already kissed my savings good-bye for I know that I will be facing so many expenditures along the process. And as I expected, performing the task is as hard as planning it.

I made a quota of lies during the days when we were going to meet and I was buying the gift. Thanks to my friend Glenn for accompanying me at the mall and bringing home the bag so as not to spoil the surprise. The gift wrapping department was composed of my OJT-mates headed by Clarence and the rest, money made possible.

When the DAY came, I went home bringing the large paper bag with the gift positioned it on the bed with the two babies guarding it and hurriedly went back to our meeting place. Dad almost spoiled the moment when he refused to allow me to go back but I insisted that the surprise will be wasted and so he just slept.

Little babies guarded the gift for Ate Bea 🙂

I went home with her as if nothing happened and purposely let her go up first. And there on the bed she saw a large black box with a violet ribbon and a small card that says, “Happy Birthday and Happy Graduation!” I won’t forget the smile in her face. She wanted the bag so bad but she didn’t expect that I’ll be the on to give her that. I just love the appreciation evident on her face. It made me feel fulfilled as if I am the one who got a present.

I love her and I will do all I can to make her happy. 🙂


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