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March 1, 2011

It’s still March 1. Nearly 2 and a half hours since my last non-sense post. I realized I shouldn’t have welcomed this month that way especially because it is MY month. 🙂

Why? Because in 26 days I’m turning 19! Yey! I don’t know why but I’ve always been excited about my birthday. I don’t get huge parties or exciting gifts but the mere thought of people remembering me on that day, the day I was born, deeply touches my heart. Just the thought of it, actually.

(more photos here: CLICK! 🙂

Christmas Day and my birthday are the two events that I’m always waiting for each year. Funny how they’re so apart from each other so the excitement is really high whenever the months are going near. I really, really love the smell of December air and the feeling of being finally free from a tight schedule during March for it is the end of the semester.

Christmas days helps me to remember the value of giving and loving while my birthday reminds me of life. That the only real way is up. We keep on growing old and it means we are having the greatest opportunity in life which is to experience it.

Many times I envy younger people around me thinking that they’re about to experience the same things that I did  when I was their age but then as I comprehend it a little longer, I realized somebody older than me might be feeling the way I do right now and it’s just an endless cycle of human’s frustration about their age. So I drop the thought immediately. 🙂


Yet, I know it’s still so hard not to feel envious about high school teens having proms, HS parties, teacher’s day celebrations and a lot more cool things. I’m still a teen though, there’s more exciting things to come into my life. The memories can never be replaced just added.

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