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Here’s a random confession: I used to hate milk tea.

Past tense because I’m a self-proclaimed milk tea lover now. I’m not sure how but suddenly, I realized that it’s not that bad at all. Considering that I only hated it because it’s too mainstream. Yes, I hated it before even having one. Judgmental me. 🙁

Oh well, I haven’t really tried a lot of different brands but among the few that I have bought, Mang Chaa’s wintermelon milk tea for me is the BEST! For onlyP55.00, I felt like it’s my first time to actually taste a milk tea. I swear. I mean, I still find milk teas a little too pricey but this one really worth every peso and I think it’s still cheaper than other milk tea out there.

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Sorry I can’t describe how it tastes. Also one of the reasons why I can’t setup a food blog but yeah. Haha. I don’t know how to put it but if you are that type who cares where each and every peso goes like me, this thirst-quencher is just right for you. 🙂

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