Mama’s Bukayo

I remember when Bea was still staying here, she often says that my mom’s cooking is way better than hers. I have tasted her mom’s dishes and I can say, they were fine. Too bad she’s not here now to taste yet another yummy dessert that my mother made.

Whenever I am coming home late from school, I don’t usually eat anymore at home for I am too tired to do so. But one time, when I got home from thesis-making, I was so exhausted that I just sat down on the chair nearest our door upon entering it. I saw covered plates on the table but didn’t bother checking on them because I wasn’t planning to eat at all. Thank God, my instinct made me get up and lift one of the covers in the table and there I saw worm-like thingy on a bowl. I remembered back then that my father just came form the province and he went home with a bunch of coconut and my mother made bukayo out of those.

I didn’t eat rice but this one, I never let pass. I have learned to love eating sweets because of L. Lawliet. I wonder if he likes this? Or has he even tasted one? Oh well, here’s for your… say “Aaaaaah!”

Sorry but I don’t know what is bukayo in English and I am too lazy to Google it. But basically, it is sweetened coconut strips. LOL

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