SAHMs and WAHMs in my blogging world

In my endless search for MOOLAH, I observed something COOLAH than ze MOOLAH itzelf. LELS

hahaha! Wait I’m laughing at myself right now..

*le pause for a while*

Okay, back to the topic.  Just like what I’ve said, I discovered something cool as I was visiting blogs and trying my luck in the numerous contests and giveaways being conducted by the kindhearted bloggers in the WWW. To my surprise, a lot of them were moms! I can’t blame myself to be mesmerized like this because I’m used to know moms just being at home and taking care of the children. I don’t know if I’m prejudging or maybe stereotyping but my view is only based on my own mom’s character and other moms in our neighborhood. Maybe to other people this is just ordinary but to me, this is a huge thing already especially that I also want my mother to be active in Social Networking Sites or even in the Internet itself because she is a probinsyana, so she is not that interested in techie things.


Still, I want my mom to be aware of the things that are happening on the Internet. I admit, she doesn’t even know how to operate a computer all by herself and I can’t even see the eagerness in her to learn about it though. Maybe because she’s shy or something? I don’t know.

Maybe the Sexy and Hot Moms out there could help me in persuading my mom to study about these techie stuff. I can teach her to blog too and together we can join contests and giveaways and maybe we can conduct our own someday. WAY COOLAHHH!!!

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