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Make Your Vacation Worthwhile with Nimo TV

As a self-proclaimed, young-at-heart #TitaOfManila, I recently just started raising a virtual pet through a Tamagotchi. Unfortunately, I accidentally left it at home one hectic workday and when I returned to check it, my 6-year-old virtual pet (one week in real time), was already gone.

It’s been days and although it was just a toy, I felt a sting of regret. Actually, too much that I cannot start raising a new pet yet. I am a casual gamer by the way and failing to raise a Tamagotchi to adulthood feels the same as being defeated in a game. All your effort down the drain and it really hurts.

To somehow recover from the loss, I engulfed myself on a different game for the time being. MOBA games are another favorite of mine aside from RPG’s and luckily, there are a lot of games to choose from now. Also, as a #titagamer, I enjoy watching online game streams and tutorials whenever a new game or hero (game character) is out. I love watching younger people enjoy the games that I, too love.

Nimo TV, one of the country’s leading video game streaming platform, is an excellent past time for students who love gaming and learn new skills at the same time. It offers 8 – 12 MP quality live streaming and can be accessed via mobile or PC make it easier for everyone to start live streaming as a hobby and eventually make it a career.

Nimo TV’s unique ecosystem, which consists of streamers, viewers, brand sponsors and celebrity players can help newcomers discover different techniques in starting their channel. It has a chat feature where streamers and viewers can communicate with one another and exchange tips on how to win a game they play.

Games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Mobile Legends, Dota 2, Rules of Survival and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are some of the exciting content that streamers can play via the app.

Nimo TV’s presence in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand will also help you increase your fan base making it easier for every newbie to grow their channel and interact more with other gamers.

Download the Nimo TV app at Apple app store and Google Play store by clicking the link here and start streaming your way to the top.

About NiMO TV

Nimo TV is a leading global platform that allows millions of gamers from all around the world to play and broadcast their games to other like-minded players building a community of players, gamers, and fans that drive conversation, and allows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition. Utilizing a high-quality interactive technology, audiences can interact with streamers, and gain access to exclusive esports events and tournaments, along with unprecedented access to the top streamers from across the region.

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