Mahj’s Rose

I have just met somebody who gets along with my hobby of going to places aimlessly and going home sleepy. 😀

Mahj took me to so many places just in three days. We often go out at night because she has a job and I have a pair of itchy feet. Anyways, one of the most unforgettable places that we went was her college. When she was still a student, she used to be member of the school’s theater club. And that was the place where she took me. We watched the awarding of the new actors and actresses of their club and being the bubbly girl as she is, Mahj took home a rose that was supposed to be part of the awards. She even got me one and we both went home with roses in our hands.

Silly Mahj chose the new and beautiful rose and let me deal with the almost dead and withered one. I’m okay with it. I always get the second best. 🙂

My rose was nearly falling off its stem so I wrapped the white ribbon to prevent it. Too bad I didn’t get to take a photo of my heroic act because I was too sleepy when I got home and I just put my rose above the printer.

The next morning when I woke up, Rose was gone but I’m not alarmed. I went out and saw her planted on one of my mom’s flower vases together with the already dried flowers (from her suitors).

My mom has this habit of replanting whichever flower enters our house. Dead or alive. 😀

I hope Rose can recover because I wanted to give her back to Mahj, this time healthier. 🙂

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