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Movie tickets, bags, keychains, concert DVD and other stuff. I never thought I would have them for free.

Since I started blogging, I have been trying my best to join online giveaways because I don’t see the point of not doing so. I mean, the rules are very easy and I can get free stuff by doing what I love so why not, right?

And I am pretty lucky to have won a lot of useful stuff and just recently, I won yet another raffle giveaway but this time, it’s not online.

I attended the Owl City Philippines The Midsummer Station Album Launch last August 25 and as I was feeling shy and envious of the other fans having a “Good Time” while I stand in the corner with my classmate enduring my rants of wanting to join the Good Time video shoot. I really, really wanted to be in that video but I don’t have the guts to dance with them. They seem so happy and I am all awkward. So yeah. Just to hide the sadness that I’m feeling, I decided to just keep myself busy and pretended to like the CDs that are on sale on the table next to us.

Then raffle draws came in. The Owl City ballers, the necklaces with Adam’s handsome face printed on it, another Adam’s face on an A4 photo paper, demo CDs, Owl City merch products, I watched them all go to other people’s hands. Everything is in slow motion as I stare at a happy girl’s face receiving the first concert DVD to be given away. She’s really very lucky.

I’m already, “Okay then. At least I enjoyed and was able to support Adam by buying original copy of his CD. I guess I have to go home now with nothing but Adam’s heartfelt message and the enjoyment and….” until I saw the raffle representative handling out a piece of paper which seemed like the ones that they draw out for the raffle with a random number encrypted on it which happen to be MY NUMBER in the registration list! Oh man! I won! In my heart, I knew at that moment that I was going home with something, at last! But I don’t know what it is. I froze. Niel started pointing to me indicating that I was the one who won, that 71 was my number but I never moved an inch. I waited until somebody mentioned “Abegail Layosa” and there rose my freezing hand. Coming closer to the table where my beloved Owl City concert DVD lie waiting for its master to come and get it.

Sorry for the shot. My photographer was just too lazy to take a decent photo of me with my two CDs. I guess he’s just excited to go to Dairy Queen. Haha!

I heard Colwin say, “ANg swerte naman, may tweet na from Adam, may DVD pa!” And lucky I indeed was! Everything that day is so so so so amazing. From the fear of not being able to attend the launch, to the frustration from the video, to the white sheet of paper with 71 on it and the Dairy Queen. I just went home very vey happy that day. Because God gave me reasons to. At first I was really thinking twice about buying the CD because my friend actually have downloaded his copy of the album in iTunes and I can just copy them and not spend a single peso besides, we don’t have a DVD player at home. But I don’t know, maybe because the Philippines is not included in the world tour this year that’s why OCPH really need to step up and if buying a CD which I can barely use meant support for the fanbase, then I’m on it! The concert DVD is my grand prize. 🙂 Plus Adam’s video message which made I think all of us cry. Thank you MCA!
And Thank you Owl City Philippines for inviting me to attend the lauch especially Ate Grace who kept on reminding me not to be shy anymore. Oh well, I guess I have to attend more meetups before I can finally dance with you all.

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