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Loving themes

Well, actually, it’s not the theme which I really love but the process of making it or should I say, customizing; because I am not really the one who makes the themes, I am just customizing it according to my taste. I just changed this blog’s theme and now I am looking for Tumblr themes for my Tagalog/super personal blog (haha! super!) And then I am making a simple header for Bea’s first ever WordPress blog. She entrusted me with the beautification of her blog so let’s just see if she’ll like it. Haha!

Here’s my Tumblr blog’s layout:

Black and white with a static sidebar or whatever it is called. I’ve always wanted to have a theme like this, especially the fixed sidebar. It’s really ard to find such theme because pastel colors and playful fonts are the trends in Tumblr so I was really happy when I saw this one and immediately installed it to my blog. Thanks to LMThemes for this one. 🙂

Meanwhile, in WordPress:

Our themes somehow looks the same because of the colors but not on the layout. is a two-columned theme also but much simpler. The sidebar isn’t fixed and it has a “customizable” header which I haven’t checked if my Tumblr has. If it does, I’ll surely make L the header. 🙂 The fonts are plain too unlike mine in which the first letter’s size differ from the rest of the title, just like what Nadine designed to my Alive and Awkward blog, 🙂

  • What can you cay about the newly installed themes?
  • Are they okay?
  • Do you know where can I find more themes like these?
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