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L’oreal Setting Spray: Your outdoor shoot companion

Koe no Katachi (A silent voice) is a manga about a boy trying to straighten his past mistakes and a deaf girl who was affected by it. It was a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Ōima. It’s movie premiered in Japan last 2016 and is set to be shown to other places on 2017.

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Luckily, Philippines was included in the list of countries where Koe No Katachi movie will be shown. In accordance to it, my cosplay friend Clarence organized a photoshoot with us as Koe no Katachi casts.

Since Koe no Katachi is somewhat a slice of life story, the shoot must be done if not at a school, at least outdoors. Bonifacio Global City is a perfect spot for this shoot so we all agreed to have the photoshoot there.

Lighting assistants during our Koe no Katachi shoot at Bonifacio Global City

Outdoor shoots differ so much with indoor or event shoots mainly when it comes to the temperature of the surroudnings. More often than not, outdoor shoots last the whole day. This is where the challenge comes in. Cosplay requires a different level of makeup compared to the usual or daily application. Also, wearing layers of costumes, a wig cap (sometimes two) and a wig make it even harder to maintain the freshbess of the makeup. That’s why setting spray is a must when it comes to prolonging your cosplay makeup for an outdoor shoot.

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L’oreal just announced a 50% off sale on their products recently and it included their setting spray. Another cosplay friend, Donna, quickly grabbed the opportunity to purchase the most talked-about holy grail in makeup and it gave us a chance to try it too during or Koe no Katachi shoot.

Upon application of L’oreal setting spray

We’ve done several cosplay photoshoots outdoors but it’s our first time to use setting spray. The weather is a bit humid that day, hence, I can say we were able to test the power of L’oreal setting spray during this shoot.

It is very easy to use. I wasn’t able to do the T and X direction of spraying though because I was afraid it might flood my face if I press the spray longer. One pump is not so overwhelming as I thought so I pressed some more until my face is wet enough to lock the makeup in place. After drying, both Donna and I felt as if our makeup was “cemented” on our face. By “cemented” we mean, we can really feel that there’s a layer protecting our makeup.

Outdoor shoot ongoing. Koe no Katachi group with photographer Paulo Rico

The shoot lasted for roughly 5hours and when we were changing clothes, we all noticed that there is something in our makeup that looked different to when we were ending our cosplays before. Ours that time still looked as if we can still have another round of photoshoot.

Considering the sweat due to the weather and our costumes, we were all convinced that the setting spray did the trick that day.We even wore out makeup on the way home. That was how presentable our makeup turned out.

Shoot done. Bathroom selfie before changing to #humanmode. L’oreal seeting spray worked its wonders during the 5hour outdoor shoot.

This product feedback is specifically based on cosplay photoshoots done outdoors. Other results may come up depending on the situation.

All in all, I would really recommend this product to cosplayers whether or not they’ll be doing an outdoor shoot or even just on conventions. It does its job well and if you’re lucky enough to get one on sale, then good for you. However, for the regular price of PHP500, it is still a good catch but not to the extent that it becomes a cosplay must-buy. I suggest you complete your cosplay priorities first and save for this later on.

That’s all! Thank you for reading. If you have tried this product too, I would love to know your feedback as well. Or if you have questions regarding my L’oreal setting spray experience, just leave it on the comment and I’ll try my best to answer.

‘Til next review!

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