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Looking for a website host?

Had I not thought of updating the About section of this blog, I wouldn’t have realized that it has been almost six years when I first owned this domain. SIX LONG YEARS!

Blessed enough to have a generous, techie, domain-addict friend, I got my first ever domain for free. Imagine how many domains this friend has that she manages to give out some to someone like me — someone who knows nothing about the technicalities of blogging back then. Now, if getting a .info domain for free seem lucky to you already, know that I also got hosting assistance from the same person. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such benefit but I am grateful ever since.

This blog has become a huge help to me as well when it comes to simply sharing my thoughts to having an outlet for my unbearable emotions and for extra income too. All because sometime in 2011, a benevolent girl named Nadine shared this blessing of a domain to me.

Nadine runs a lot of blogs in the WWW that I’d offer both my hands to help you count. Each blog has their own domain and own niche. Owning one is already a big task for me, imagine owning 2 or more? Talk about blogginggeekiness! I guess what really brought her to creating all those blogs is that she really loves what she’s doing. In fact, she even have her own web hosting business called Oh Rainbow where she provides website hosting at a very affordable price. Shall your domain experience being under her care, you wouldn’t think that a cutie,a artsy-crafty girl is the one behind those technical web hosting updates. Customer service is very professionally held.

Like what I said on my About page, I have little (almost negligible) idea about blogging when I received this domain. Back then I just thought that having a .info in my blog’s URL looks cool and pro that’s why I accepted it. Nadine, apparently have expected my ignorance in this aspect, didn’t even have to ask if I want to be included in her personal hosting business. She simply included me, gave my website hosting for free! Yes, and yet again.

From time to time I would encounter difficulties in maintaining my blog/website and I cannot remember any instance that Nadine failed to assist me. I will forever be thankful to have a friend and an I.T. consultant in one.

Her blogging website somehow has become her personal blog also but as I’ve read, she’s planning to write more about web hosting in it. Yes, and yet another niche.

Click here to go to Oh Rainow~! 🙂

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