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Owl Princess got herself a new phone! And wrote about it. LOL

I just want to share about my new phone. Well, actually, I bought it last September but I just remembered sharing it today. So let’s just go back two months ago and let me relive the moment with you.

It all started with a bad news. My 5 year old Nokia 2600c had already given up on me that’s why whether I like it or not, I had to find a replacement for it. It still works but it’ll take a lot of patience and courage to be able to use it.

Luckily, on the other hand, a series of fortunate events had come along my way. I earned some money online, I just finished my OJT where I also earned moolah and Papa promised me that he will be donating a little amount so I can buy a more decent phone to use.

But being the thrifty bitch as I am, not to mention about Owl City’s upcoming concert on October, I was torn between buying the concert ticket or a new phone. But then again, the good heavens seemed to have heard each of my prayers and gave me the chance to buy both.

I didn’t have that much money though so I let my practical self do the deciding. My original choice was a Nokia camera phone but I was limited to a budget of 2,000 only so I went to a number of cellphone stores and realized that I could not afford the phone that I want with that amount of money. That was the time when fate came in. Exactly as I was looking for a convenient and affordable phone to use, Nokia launched its collection of dual sim phones and that time I was being nagged by my father on buying a new phone maybe because he suspected that I’ll just be using the money to buy concert tickets. So after weeks of weighing and comparing things, I, together with Bea, purchased a Nokia 101 at Robinson’s Galleria for 1,490php.

I love the paper bag 😀

Actually, I’m not really into dual sim phones but because it’s Nokia and has MP3 player and supports 16bg memory card and most of all, cheap, I chose it. Finally! Owl Princess got herself a new phone! No more “message storage memory not ready” for minutes and no more sudden hang ups.

LOL. TM and Smart Buddy. Haha!

Next stop, phone accessories! Give me!!!!

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