Lola Cela

She is the mother of my father. The queen of my grand father. My lola.

I don’t know what to say. I’ve never been that close to her since I am the least outspoken grandchild in the family, I suppose.

All I can remember is that she had this pair of slippers filled with colorful beads as design and when I was like 8 years old, I always imagined a pair of scissors running through the nylons in that footwear and me collecting the beads that fell over. I always fancied that slipper before. I just don’t know where it was now.

There was also a time when. I can also remember the

Yes, I’ve been thinking of words to say. Of things that will make me look like I’ve spent my life happily with my grandmother. But all I can remember is a pair of slippers.

I’m sorry for neglecting the times to spend with you. I’m sorry for not treasuring the memories that we had. I’m sorry because all I can say now is, SORRY.

When I know that you are doing all you can to make us happy with whatever you can give whenever you visit us, I ignored it. I just wanted the money that you will give me when you are in our house.

sorry if I failed to be your most loving daughter

There are times when things get rough and serious problems get into our family’s way, all i think about is that I have the stupidest father in the world.

sorry for all the times that i hated your son

Maybe I’ve never been good enough for a grand daughter but I only want to tell you, wherever you are  lola, that I LOVE YOU. From the most bottom of my heart. I love you.

I know it is very late. And I will forever regret not doing the things that I should do when you are still alive. I know this is not enough  to take the sadness away and that I cannot bring back the past. All I can do is pray and write a blog.

Rest in peace, La.

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3 thoughts on “Lola Cela

  1. :'(
    Ang lungkot…condolence.

    Di pa rin nawawala ang husay mo sa pagsusulat. Dapat nagmass comm ka na din e. 🙂

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