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Okay so,  I’ve been very busy these past few days that’s why I cannot update this blog anymore. No, it doesn’t mean that I’m leaving this blog or whatever but I’m planning for a major makeover. Haha!

(But not the theme, I’m so attached to it but if there’s a kindhearted who will donate a theme for me, I’d gladly accept it. )

I’ll just update the sidebar and other thingies. :))))

Maybe after I settled my enrollment and schedule. I promise that. Anyways, regarding the EXCHANGE LINKS, as a first step in my “blog makeover”, I am going to remove the widgets on my sidebar that include the ones with the exchanged links and I will replace it with a more organized widget exclusive for link exchange only.

Having limited time on the internet, I cannot update each and every one of those whose links appear in the widgets that I am going to remove so I will just be asking those whom I have exchanged links with to comment in this post with their site address so I can include you in the new link exchange bar that I am creating.

Thank you!



Anyone who wants to exchange links can comment also, just include your site address so I can visit you. 





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7 thoughts on “Link Exchange Announcement

  1. You were actually on my list of *to do layouts* but you know, time, but I really want to make a layout for you *n*

    Anyway I back read, sorry for not dropping by lately I haven’t blogged either. It seems my blogging energy drifted away so much~

    But I still love your posts! 🙂 God bless you always Owl Princess!!

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