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Link exchange 2015

rI am so back. I can feel the hype again. The spark my fingers and keyboard make whenever I press a letter. I can finally say that “This is it!”

Few years back, when I was still a newbie in this wonderful world of blogging, I would always have topics in mind that I want to write. I have a lot of queued posts and I update my blogs often. During those times too, I was very active in visiting other blogs and because of bloghopping also, I found some friends.

But since, I was on hiatus for a long time, I lost track of my blogger friends. Some links on my homepage doesn’t work anymore when I tried clicking on them. Hence, I decided to post this.

I am open for link exchange once again. I will be posting links on two of my blogs. I hope you can include both on yours too. I have provided the links here so that you only have to copy and paste them on your blogs.

Castles in the Air

introvert inside

When you’ve added my links on your blog, please comment on this post with the following format so that I can easily add yours on mine too.

Blog Title:

Blog URL:

Link to where my links are located on your blog.

Submit as many links as you can. Hoping to meet new friends again! Happy link exchanging! 🙂

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