Like Ritsu?

During high school days, we were asked to form groups for our Science project which is about the evolution of sound. Our group was assigned to perform the instrumental part of the evolution and so we practiced like a real band. Perfecting melodies and creating medleys as one by one, the instruments are being played.

It’s funny because only three of us actually knew music as “music”. The others — including myself– just stood there to watch them harmonize the tunes which they will later on teach us.

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I regret not taking that practice seriously. Though I know how to play the guitar, the drums never fails to amuse me. Since I watched my friend Carmela perform on her very first battle of the bands, i felt like I also want to play the drums. Especially if I were to use these Pro Mark drumsticks. For sure it will be a whole lot of fun playing drums with those.

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