NDRP #1: Less Hate

We cannot please everybody. And that being said, makes me conclude that not everyone can make us happy thus there are times that we could probably hate them. This is reality. When we can’t get something we want or if something is against our will, we tend to dislike those things or the people that caused them.

Whether large scale or small, HATE should always be minimized or better eliminated. But can it really be diminished?

Well, that’s too hard to answer so I have formulated my own solution which is probably common to other things now. (And I’m also inspired by U MAD Trol and FUCK LOGIC in Tumblr [lol])

I just thought, if there are things that seem too hard to accomplish, we can still do it one step at a time. I mean, if we live everyday with less hate in our hearts, there will soon come a time that the hatred that we feel will be gone.

It’s not that hard though. Just think of the people or things that you hate and then keep in your mind what made you hate them. The first step I think is ignorance. Why? Because for a moment we need just to ignore the things that make us sad and then at the time that we are ready to face it, face it well. Do not get carried away by your emotions. Keep in mind that in hating, you are the only one that’s suffering because the time that you waste in hating is being used by the person you hate as their time of enjoyment. When you are depressed and cursing them, they are living their lives and probably have forgotten the offense that they had made. So let go of the hatred one step at a time.

The best help yet is surrendering your worries to God. Apologize for filling your heart with bad emotions and promise Him that you will try to move on and forgive.


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2 thoughts on “NDRP #1: Less Hate

  1. We tend to hate people or some certain stuff. It’s human nature. But there are some people who gets too carried around hating. Yeah you’re right, ignoring them is the best way to be okay. 🙂

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