Late night conversations

Whenever our father catches me awake late at night, he will either scold me and ask me to go to sleep or we’ll have long talks about anything under the sun. Lately and fortunately, he caught me blogging at around 12am and despite being drunk, he didn’t get that mad at me that time. Maybe because my sister is still awake also, I don’t know.

We talked about so many things. From my sister’s plan of putting up a lugawan to our own dream cars. I mentioned that my dream car is a hammer. I don’t know much about cars though but I am very sure that I want a hammer someday. And probably attach softride bike rack on it because it is also one of my dreams to own a bike. Father said he wanted a big bike. According to him, it is his lifelong dream. deep inside, I wanted to give one to him myself. Things like that help me keep motivated because above everyone else in this world, our parents the ones who exerted most of the efforts into shaping us to what we are today. I want to them everything that they want. Someday.

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