Last minute summer feeling

The start of school days marked the ending of long sleeping hours and unlimited internet surfing because summer has officially ended. No more free times do to whatever or just stare blankly at something when we run out of things to do. Oh summer, why did you have to go?

But at least, two days before my classes start, I have had the chance to do the very thing that defines somebody’s summer experience: SWIMMING.

Bea and her friends planned a swimming get together a month ago and the long wait finally came to reality. We went to Midori Resort for an overnight stay where we ate hotdogs, pork chop, chicken and tofu while we swam the whole night! It is a private resort in Cavite and I can say that the place is perfect for group gatherings and because it’s far from majority of the residences, it is okay to sing on the videoke all night long. 🙂

Sorry for the quality of the image. I haven’t uploaded the photos from our digicam yet. LOLS

The swimming pool is spacious enough to let 10-15 persons swim freely at the same time. Though seen as one, it is divided into two sections where the first part is,I think, 3 feet deep while the other has much higher water. It has slides too, the slide on the first part is a short one and I actually felt my butt hit the swimming pool floor when I tried it. The curvy and longer slide has more challenge to try out. I enjoyed playing with Dhiem, Scramble, Chuck and Bea there. 🙂

If a survey is to be conducted, maybe I would top the “Who stayed in the swimming pool and only got up when there’s food?” question because indeed, I enjoyed swimming so much and I don’t go swimming often so I treasured the moments. All in all, I enjoyed hanging out with them especially my slide buddies. Hahaha!

Ely, Dhiem, Bea and me (i’m sad because other slide buddies are not in the photo. T^T)

I am glad that Bea got to meet friends like them. They really appreciate Bea’s beauty and often jokes that they want a kiss from her. Hahaha!

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