Such lame post title.

All I want to imply is that I got a laptop of my own already. Yay! Or more like, my parents got me one. Anyways, having very limited amount of tech ideas, I let fate decide on its own with regards to buying this laptop. And honestly, the only part of me that contributed in the decision-making is my thrifty-self.

This red HP Pavilion G series originally is worth almost P32,000. I knew because I was the one who bought it for its original owner, Roger. After a few months, he decided that his computer-related needs would be well-accomplished more with a Mac and so he sold me red HP for P15,000. Not bad, actually, too good for a laptop with 2gb videocard, 8gb RAM, Core i5 processor and my own copy of our precious photos in an instant.

Truly, our sleepless thesis nights came as a blessing in disguise for me because if it wasn’t for school purposes, my parents wouldn’t give me that much money in a rush for non-sense. And thankfully, we passed our thesis! 🙂

So kids, be thankful for what your parents can provide for you. They’re doing all that they can to support you so studies first, okay! 🙂


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