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Kris Kringle: What I gave

Hohoho! Christmas day just passed and this only means… parties everywhere! And because most of the students in our class will be graduating by the end of this semester, our class president organized an exchange gift that is never been done by our section (basically because we rarely had Christmas parties before).

So for our last Christmas party together as students, we had a kris kringle in which the theme changes every week. We got to pick different people to give a gift to in each week as well. One rule is that our monitor/monita shouldn’t be able to guess who the gift came from.

First Week:  something long and colorful

Price: 20php

My monito is Arvin. It’s really very hard to think of a gift for a guy. What more if you are restrained by a requirement, right? But still, I tried my best to give him something that is far from the usual long and colorful thing like ID lace, shoe lace, bracelet etc. because I want my gift to be memorable.

I found this item in Vente that is long, useful and cute but not that colorful at all. But I am running out of time so I already bought it with some plans on my mind. On my way home, I stopped by a school supplies shop and bought different-colored ribbons. At home, I asked the assistance of my mom in wrapping the handle of the pang-kamot with the ribbons that I bought and then wolla! I have a long and colorful gift for Arvin. Yay!

pang kamot hehe

Second Week: something missing

Price: 25php

Again, I picked a name of a guy so I have to exert more effort in searching for a gift for him. Plus, the theme is so hard to comply with. Our president said that the “something missing” means we have to give something that our monito doesn’t have yet. We are not that close so I don’t have any idea what he does or doesn’t have so I settled with a challenging puzzle instead and explained in a letter that he’s already so smart that he needs more challenge this time. Hehe.

Our president said that we should just use white bond paper in wrapping our gifts but just as I wanted my first gift to be memorable, I exerted effort in the second one as well. I wrapped it up polo-style with a neck tie. I got caught during this week because I’m very excited to see Dennis’ reaction in opening my gift that’s why I watched him open it which made it seem very obvious that the gift was from me which is supposed to be a secret until the final week. No regrets though, I’m happy he liked it.


Third Week: something that reminds you of that person

Price: 30php

Sad to say, I failed to look for a memorable gift this time because we are so busy with other things. But since they are graduating already, I gave my monito a clay pen which design is a graduate boy. That’s it.

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