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Keeping up with the Kakashis

“My number of friends has increased yet again,” L said on the 45th chapter of Death Note manga.

I took this photo when they were busy making an action shot and I was sitting there like ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Really, all I see are fireworks during the entire shoot.

Same thing happened to me last week when I watched Carmela take photos of her two most favorite models. It was such an overwhelming experience. Having to walk around the campus with cosplayers and their “official” photographer. I feel so cool holding their props and I regret nothing following them around like the stuffed puppy that I carry during the shoot. Everything is simply fantastic. I never thought I’d get to meet and be friends with cosplayers ever! Though it’s really my life long dream to cosplay. I just don’t have the guts to actually do it then.

Anyway, if you know Naruto, you’ll get through this post well but if not, don’t worry, I don’t know the characters at first as well.

The two models cosplayed Anbu Kakashi and Female Kakashi of Naruto.

Anbu Kakashi was played by Kevin while Rei of course is the female Kakashi. Let’s just stick to the fact that Kakashi is a character in Naruto and those were two of his many versions (because I really don’t have any idea about Naruto except Orochimaru’s disgusting tongue. Sorry! (@´_`@)

I really admired every move that the three of them made that day. I am serious. I was amazed on how Carmela instructed them to pose like this and that and how they automatically followed what she said. Sometimes, she doesn’t even have to instruct them. They just did their thing like no one’s watching, like we’re not in a crowded university filled with busy students but aren’t that busy enough to still look at us as if we’re celebrities. I love that feeling. For once, I get to be noticed, somehow. Haha!

On the other hand, I also got to meet another friend from another fandom. Yes!! I call that day, my fandom day! Hahaha! Carmela told me that she had this classmate who envied my Meet and Greet photo with Adam Young a.k.a Owl City and I met her that day! Fam is an Owl City fan too and upon introduction, we talked about Adam and how awesome he is and his blogs and everything just felt perfect that day.

I went home with three new friends on my short list of friends and I am very happy to know them and I look forward to more bonding times with them. Everything is perfect!

If you want to see the actual Kakashi cosplays photos, visit Carmela’s blog and DeviantArt profile.

Here are the links:

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