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I was watching MYX this morning and since it was around 12:30am, the segments that they were showing were the past episodes and just to kill time until I’m sleepy, I decided to watch MYX Wer U At? That was their New Year episode and one of their featured products was this planner entitled, “The Last Planner You’ll Ever Have: 2012”

Such a cool and funny planner made me realize how time really flies so fast. The world will end, as predicted, in a few months and I am not even graduating yet. I have so many plans to accomplish, dreams to reach and artists to hug. 🙂

But as they say, we must live like were dying. So even if we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, the next day or on the 21st of December, we must always do our best for the people we love. Hug as many friends as we can everyday, feed as many hungry pets that we see, say I love you to our parents, give heartfelt messages to our closest friends, go and see  photo christmas cards sale even before Christmas, eat as many favorite foods, do basically anything that makes us happy because the time spent is meaningless if we are not happy through it.

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