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Join Back to School Giveaway: $50 Paypal Cash by Clint Andrew!

OMG. The perfect giveaway, finally!

Would you like to win some Paypal cash just before your projects and school activities come? Or buy some new clothes for the new school year? Or simply have enough money to pay your unpaid tuition fee? Then you might want to join this ongoing giveaway by our friend Clint Andrew, it is called Back to School Giveaway: $50 Paypal Cash!

All you’ll have to do is to follow the mechanics indicated at the Rafflecopter and you already have the chance to win the $50 Paypal cash! The mechanics are easy, you can finish the tasks in minutes! The giveaway also includes a $10 referral prize so if you came there from here, you know what to do. Please put me as your referrer. Thank you! 🙂

Thanks to Clint Andrew for this awesome giveaway. 🙂

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