Job hunting

There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation says a cartoon song. I wish I could spend it wisely whether or not there indeed is a hundred and four in mine. I spent my last two summers undergoing our OJT. That’s why this time, I don’t know what to do with my vacation anymore. I want to be busy, besides, I am getting older now. I think I must make that leap of faith already.

At 21, I tried my luck at the very first job fair that I attended ever in my life. I felt confident about myself that I can do it already until came the interview portions. I was stuttering all over. To think that I applied as a call center agent, I obviously failed. But the experience that I got is enough to get me going. I applied again and this time, it’s an online job. I submitted my resumes to the companies that needed writers and I am hoping to get hired to any of them. I love writing and since I am not an engineer yet, I’d go for this one at this moment.

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