January 1, 2011 1:38 am HOPEFULLY REAL FIRST EVER POST FOR abbegaill.uni.cc

Reading blogs of other people inspired me to write my own blog, too. But being the lazy head that I was, I always fail to maintain the previous blogs that I’ve created. Well, this time, with a free hosting and a free domain name, who wouldn’t be excited to blog? And ashamed not to use it well, too. J

Anyways, I want to greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a wonderful time with your families as you welcome this brand new year. As of me, I am happy.  I ate ham, hotdogs and fried chicken with Mama and Xari, just the three of us ‘coz Papa and Srila May are at work (yea, during holidays!) and kuya is outside having his own “party party” with his friends. After eating, we went outside and watched the lovely fireworks sponsored by our lovely neighbors. I took photos and videos of the fireworks and I don’t know why I did that maybe because everybody else does. J While outside, I also fancied taking photos of the brightly lit simple Christmas lights and I planned on editing and posting them here and in my Tumblr. When the sky stopped showing colors and turned black again, Tita Cit approached me and asked me to join the party in their house. Although a little bit shy, I obliged. Oh, by the way, I indeed wore my owl shorts in welcoming the New Year J and then the rest is history. Paagaw ng coins, maiingay na torotot, tricycles roaming around with their engines at full speed, and the lights of a parked jeep adjacent to our house were lit which created a fantasy-inspired effect when hitting the smokes of the firecrackers. I enjoyed welcoming this New Year even though we didn’t have any lusis which I and Xari desperately asked Mama to buy for us. Wala talaga daw s’yang pera. So she bought us five-peso-worth torotots instead and we were still as jolly as the kids who had bonggang lusis. Astig talaga si Mama!

Mentioning my mom, I want to share the highlight of my New Year celebration. The three of us, just three of us again, attended the 8pm mass at the nearest chapel in our place. We were standing the whole hour ‘coz the church was so full and that the “gentlemen in the Philippines” was history. It was definitely tiring but hearing the gospel took away the pain in my feet. It was about Mama Mary and Her very important role in our salvation. Father opened the sermon by mentioning Filipino women who gained outstanding titles in their fields. He mentioned Ai-Ai De las Alas winning the Best Actress Award in the recently concluded MMFF awards and Pres. Cory Aquino being the Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year twice. Beyond all those is a title that can only be given to that only woman who took part in the conception of Jesus Christ. Mother Mary holds the greatest title in the world that any woman could have. She is the one who was chosen to bear the Son of God. She is The Woman of All Time. That lady who never failed in following what God intended her to do thus, making her Son the good follower of God as she is too. Father also said that mothers are the most essential part in the development of a child’s character. I agree. We all came from our mothers so we cannot take away the fact that a part of us will always belong to them. We are nothing without them. You stayed inside your mom’s womb for nine months and you being alive now are a proof that she didn’t bother having you innocently kicking inside her stomach. In fact, she wanted you there at the same time very excited for you to come out. As for the kids who happen to be wandering in the wrong path, we cannot put all the blame in their mothers because we are human beings created with our own well-being and self-awareness. Mothers, parents, are tools of God in taking care of His children yet we have our own part in running our lives, too.

Have I talked much already? Hindi ko napansin. J Anyways, I also want to share that controlling your tears not to fall down is an easy task when you’re at an evening mass. Many times Mama sees me wiping my eyes but thanks to “Inaantok ako.” She never noticed that I was teary-eyed by the situation of her hearing the gospel about honoring mothers which I’ve wanted her to know. Or did she just pretend to believe in my front? ‘Coz mothers indeed know best no matter how hard we hide the truth. They just know.

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