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Its Me Deann’s First Blog Giveaway!

Okay. I’ve been on an unexpected hiatus lately because of school problems and yeah, just school problems. But thank God I survived yet another sem. Really, God helped me all the way through this rocky road journey.

And so as a comeback, I wanted to try out the things that I used to do when I was still a newbie blogger and when the times weren’t that tough. So without further ado, I am inviting you to join Its Me Deann’s First Blog Giveaway!

I have encountered so many problems recently so I’m really praying for a  little self-pampering and through this giveaway somehow I can pamper myself if I win the awesome prizes. Hihi! I mean, all those accessories would really make me feel very very pampered for wearing them can make me feel pretty after all the stress that our thesis brought. And even if I don’t wear make-up because I don’t have any idea on how to do so, it can be my stepping stone, right? Besides, I’m old enough to at least wear eyeshadow. Hehe.

I really hope I can win this but whoever wins, congrats! So go, join now!! 🙂


First I would like to thank all of the sponsors who did not hesitate to have a collaboration with this giveaway. It won’t run without you guys, thank you so much!

Hodge Podge / Unicorn Delights / Nyx Wholesale PH / Hue and Shape / lalalaPatricia / The Rainbow Star / KC Eloading Station / Lilpink / Pepper Mint / StyleMe FashionBeauty / Its Me Deann

For more details about this giveaway please go @ Its Me Deann‘s Website. 🙂

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