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Infinite thoughts

Blogging has been my hobby since friendster days and I named my friendster blog as infinite thoughts because I adore infinity and during those times, I was a corny kid. I really want to have a decent blog since then but lack of resources hindered my passion and so I got bored and totally forgot about my blog.

I used to write my posts on a notebook given by our city mayor and then go to a computer shop and there I’ll start typing my art. My hobby was to browse through this classmate of mine’s blog and see if she had written something new. If there is, I would force myself to write too. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but her posts had become my inspiration at the same time secret competition. 🙂

Anyone can write, it just takes a lot of courage to put your ideas into words. The more precise, the better because not everyone can interpret what you really want to say and you can be judged by what you write.


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