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Elisha and Dylan

As I stalk Adam Young’s Twitter profile, I saw a reply to an unfamiliar person so I never hesitated to click that tweet and keenly read it. “So the lucky one’s a girl” I first thought of. But then as I finished reading it, I figured out that this lucky girl that I supposed was not that at all very lucky because she’s encountering a serious problem in her family. Adam Young tweeted her to send his support on Elisha (the girl on his twitter) and his little brother Dylan who was diagnosed with a bone disease called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE). I knew this because I was able to track Elisha’s Tumblr account on twitter. There she posts about her brother’s disease and her eagerness to help the foundation which supports children who has the same situation as his brother.

If you have time, I suggest you visit her page. There you’ll know what does “the best sister in the world” would truly mean.

For all the times I begged for Owl City to come back in the Philippines, I realized just now that there is more to life than seeing my favorite singer perform on a faraway stage and that is to be able to help others.

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