I Wouldn’t Mind

The two OJTs that I underwent during my previous summer vacations might be the reason why I am not comfortable staying at home during summer right now. Boredom used to haunt me when I was still jobless and on a vacation from school. Which gave me the chance to clean my room, arrange my closet, put up Heechul’s photos on my improvised bedside table and make song covers

me and my guitar. Oh yes! I have finally succeeded in making song covers! Well, uhh, I have made one and I am practicing on two more. Hihi. I cannot use other guitars though. I only make decent covers when I am using my seven year old acoustic guitar. Good thing that before I got accepted on this company where I work from 4am to afternoon, I have already downloaded plenty guitar tutorials of my favorite songs. Piano tutorials even. 🙂

Music is really a great way of escape. My reason might be shallow but still, music helped me out again! 🙂

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