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DEC 21

Alone at home, dealing with the slowest internet connection ever, I decided to grant my bestfriend’s request of making her a new Tumblr account.

By the way, I just made my new Tumblog also, you might want to visit and follow me there. Just click here. 🙂

Okay then, when I finished the preliminary parts of creating a blog via Tumblr, I followed what the platform said it is to be done. I uploaded an avatar, followed some people, changed the title of the blog, etcetera but Tumblr still asked me to “make my first post”. Not being the real owner of that blog, I just decided to make a some kind of “Hello World!” post, just like in WordPress but I wanted to add a little fun in it so I went to Google Images and searched for any Kyuhyun gif that may look like it’s saying “hello!” so I literally typed this: hello kyuhyun tumblr gif

Luckily, I found a couple of funny Kyu gifs but none of them looks “hello-ish” so I just got this one:


I was still hoping to find a more accurate gif so I scrolled past down the others. To my surprise, on the left side of the screen, I saw a familiar photo of a cellphone with Kyuhyun as the wallpaper and as I moused over it, I saw That was the photo of my old phone as written in  here.

Yeah! So I am already this happy even though my post was just located at Page 5. That was the first time I ever saw my blog’s link on Google and I am more determined to make all my posts appear there more frequently. 🙂

I really hope I can before my domain expires. Haha!

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