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I never knew I could go this far

First, let me prepare you about the extreme disassociation of the title to the real story. If you think that this is some kind of cheesy or wild or any serious matter, well, guys you need not think too much because this is simply about my unexpected success in spreading the KPop Love! Haha!

Donna, Clarence and I sometimes sneak into our boss’ computer to watch videos of our own favorites during breaktime until one day,  as I force those two JPop fans to watch BigBang’s music video of Fantastic Baby, I was surprise that they actually liked it. But the like there is because they make fun of some of the scenes. For me, it’s okay because at least I got to let them watch it and I somehow took it as a stepping stone. Since then I started showing them photos of BigBang especially T.O.P. because he’s my bias so I have way too many photos of him in my flashdrive. Haha!

And then suddenly, this photo showed up. A photo I never knew would bring me to this reign appeared and my world is changed.

They obviously loved him here. I saw them fangirl over this photo just as they do when they talk about or see their anime crushes. From then on, we watched BigBang’s videos together and even though the funny part is still greater to them, I am already thankful that they get to appreciate the thing that I also love.

But as I thought I’ve reached the peek of my success, I was prove wrong by the sudden request of Clarence to put T.O.P.’s picture in her MP3! This is really a milestone in my advocacy in introducing KPop to my friends. Yahoo! And the fortune never ended there when she asked me to put Blue (Big Bang’s song) in her player. I was in cloud nine that time. All I could think about is “How come that this Otaku, anime-lover, Jpop fan suddenly asks me to ad a KPop song in her player?” I must be dreaming but no, I am even pinching myself.

I am really very happy that somehow I manage to let them see the beauty of KPop. Considering that they are JPop fans and it is a given fact that JPop fans hate KPop and KPop fans for they think JPop is the original trend or whatsoever. I find JPop beautiful too and I don’t hate the fans. I just wish they won’t hate KPop too. Because sometimes Donna’s denial in public about her appreciation to KPop makes me sad. Still, I don’t hate her and her love for JPop and anime. 🙂


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