I miss the days when the only thing that’s hard to do is to tear the wrapping of a lollipop

January 6, 2012

Those were the days when my only problem as a human being is to finish my lollipop with pure satisfaction and clean, non-sticky hands.

If you can do that without ease, then let me congratulate you for being extremely talented during your childhood.

Because when I look around me now, everything’s different. Everything’s complicated. All decisions lead to long-term effects thus carefulness is necessary.

I want to go back to the days when I don’t have to worry about things on my own. When I can just cry on one corner and then minutes later I’ll be fine. I want to be that innocent again.

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  1. Well I guess most of us wished that we’re back to being kids. some might not be able to enjoy our childhood so those are the ones who didn’t wish that hehe just kidding. but of course, a kid’s life is much lighter than what we are experiencing right now. as we grow up, a lot of responsibilities and hardships come.

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