I miss my sis~

I miss my sister. Though I don’t call her “Ate” I still treat her as one. I respect her and now that she’s living at some place my knowledge doesn’t reach, I am starting to miss her as if we do pillow fights every night. And for her birthday, May 17, I haven’t prepared anything because I don’t even know if she’ll be home — as in our home — or we’ll just have to send our birthday greetings via text. She even rarely text us which I know deep inside me, makes me miss her more.

I know that she’s old enough to handle herself now and I have witnessed her face some of life’s challenges but I cannot take away the fact that she’s not facing her present challenges with us now. It makes me sad. But she’s with someone she chooses to love.

She’s been through a lot of hardships, sacrifices and her heart had been broken too many times.  I just hope that the one who has her now, the one she chose over everything else, will protect her and won’t let her experience the same heartaches alone.

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