I live in a Venn Diagram

I met different kinds of people ever since I started working. It indeed is the real world out there. For somebody who isn’t that into going to clubs and parties, I now understand where they are coming from for I have met people of their kind as well along my journey. The people who would probably appreciate the good mpc 1000 at guitar center because of the different effects that it can make. It would make a perfect tool for DJ production.

People are interesting. We may have different interests and ways of thinking but still, there are some parts of our lives that connects to on another. This world is like a very big and complex Venn Diagram to me. With each and every one of us having our own circle to represent us and as we join with others, there are also some who might just want to stay away.

Our differences must put out the best in each and every one of us. Not put others down.


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