I just love my little sister

“Never forget the essence of your spark!” said Taylor Swift on her appearance at Phineas and Ferb years ago.

Taylor Swift is my younger sister’s idol. I am happy that she sees Taylor as an inspiration and from what I can observe, she isn’t interested on the singer’s fast-changing relationship status. Actually I am more relieved than happy because kids her age right now (my younger sister is 9) mostly are highly affected by the social media and they think they are already mature for those kinds of things.

For me, it is important to always have that connection with kids these days. In our family, we are not that open when it comes to personal stuff but I always try to punch in some kind of indirect interrogations regarding her school or what makes her busy with her friends and stuff.

Open communication is an essential tool in one’s relationship. If times are tough and we can’t just be that open to someone, at least give them signs that you are interested and willing to listen to whatever they have to say.

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