I hope she won’t be able to read this :D

I smell something not fishy but weird between my sister and her boyfriend the last time they visited us at home. I accidentally overheard them talking about our house and I heard my sister suggest about wanting a third floor added to it. I think they are moving to our house. I just don’t know why. They seem to be okay at their apartment then suddenly they’ll have our house reconstructed. I kept ignoring my thoughts but I since that day, I started imagining my sis getting married. But no, I can’t fully-absorb it yet! Ah! I just can’t!

Oh well, whatever my feelings were, they don’t matter. It’s my sister so I’ll have to support her. If it makes her happy and her decisions are with the full extent of her heart’s desire then I’m 100% into it as well. I can even accompany her in choosing her wedding dress if she asks me. I wonder if she’ll like wedding ring titanium. They look cool and simple. It fits her especially the one with a blue gemstone. Aaaaah! Suddenly I’m excited. Hahaha!


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